Top 10 Reasons to Use an Experienced Realtor®

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In our modern age of speed, and having instant access to information, when it comes to selling our home, we think we can “do it ourselves.”  We can just hop on Google or sites such as Zillow, search away, and never have to “deal” with a Realtor.  The problem is, there is SO much information out there, that it would actually take much more time to do it yourself, as well as risking that the information you find is actually accurate.  And if the market is hot, like it is right now in the Prosper and Celina area, speed to market for getting your home listed to sell is everything!  

That means that partnering with an experienced real estate agent is more important than ever.  Doing so will not only save you hours and hours of time you likely don’t have, but it will ensure that you get the highest return possible on your home.  An experienced Real Estate agent is also able to manage the entire process for you, end-to-end, making the experience as stress-free as possible.  The thought of selling your home is stressful enough---partnering with an experienced real estate agent helps remove the stress of the home-selling process. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Use an Experienced Realtor®: 

1. Real estate agents have access to market data that can help you make more informed decisions.  They can compare purchase and listing prices and help you find the ideal selling price for your home.

2. When you're negotiating prices, you'll be thankful to have an agent on your side.  Their expert experience will help to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

3. Can't find time to fit open houses or showings into your busy schedule?  With a real estate agent, you won't have to!

4. Real estate agents have tools and contacts that can help you get information quickly and efficiently—sometimes before it appears on the MLS!  Remember: you aren't just “working” with an agent, you’re “partnering” with them.  This means that they’ll be bringing all of their contacts and tools to the table, too! According to the National Association of Realtors, 82% of all real estate sales are the result of agents’ contacts and referrals!

5. Selling homes is what realtors do! They'll keep you abreast of all the current expectations when listing your property. Plus, they'll make sure your listing is visible to as many prospective buyers as possible, while weeding out the more unrealistic ones.

6. Sometimes buyers want repairs done before sealing the deal.  As part of managing the selling process, your agent can help coordinate the process of dealing with repairs so that everyone leaves satisfied.

7. If there are other professional services you need in order to get your property ready for sale, a realtor can refer you to trustworthy parties.

8. Realtors know their way around the closing table. They'll be there with you to ensure that you fully understand every document before you sign.

9. Selling your property can be hectic. A real estate agent will help you stay focused and objective, keeping the headaches to a minimum!

10. Selling your home doesn't have to be a drawn-out process.  A good agent will help you get the best deal in a timely manner!

Even if you are just thinking about selling your home, and would simply like to get more information on what that might entail, current market conditions or any other questions, I would love to partner with you.  Selling a home in North Texas, and especially, in the Prosper and Celina area, requires an experienced Realtor.  Let me be your partner!  

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