Choosing the Right Plants for You AND Your Home

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It’s Springtime in Texas!  Yes, it goes quick, but Springtime in Texas is one of the best times to enjoy the outside of your home, and that means your landscaping. 

It doesn’t take as much time or money as you may think, to expand on what’s already growing around your home, or to add new flowers and other plants.  Landscaping is one of the simplest ways to add enjoyment to your life, while at the same time, adding value to your home! 

Regardless of why you’re shopping for new plants, knowing what to look for to find the best new plants will save you a lot of frustration and wasted effort in the long run.  In the Prosper and Celina, Texas area, here are some things to help you get started before you hit the nursery:

Have a good understanding of the types of plants that thrive in your neighborhood.

In the Prosper and Celina area, such information may include the plant’s ability to resist rabbits, how it responds to heat, sunlight and water requirements, as well as what time of the year it blooms. 

Have a good understanding of how much maintenance the plant requires.

If you’re always on the go, or simply don’t have much bandwidth to care for plants, you’ll want to consider plants that require very little to no maintenance.  For instance, picking a perennial plant (a plant that comes back every year) vs. an annual (a plant that dies each year and must be planted every year) might be a good idea.    

In the Prosper and Celina, Texas area, here is just a brief list of perennial plants that thrive:

-        Rosemary

-        Mexican Marigold

-        Red Texas Yucca

-        Sage (different colors and species of Salvia)

-        Pink Texas Skullcap

-        Society Garlic

-        Bearded Iris

-        Pink Dianthus Firewitch

-        Shasta Daisy

Getting a Second Opinion

If you aren’t sure about which plants are best, don’t be afraid to ask the nursery workers about the various plants you’re considering. They can give you an additional insight into the health of these plants and how well they’ll do in different lighting conditions in your yard. They’re there to help, so be sure to make use of that resource.

Of course, if the prospect of finding the perfect plants seems overwhelming, you can also consider calling a local landscaper to help you choose the perfect options for your property.  There are also many apps available that provide tips and even a searchable plant database, based on your preferences and area.   

I’d also be happy to help you with simple landscaping ideas that bring you joy, while adding value to your home! 

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